solar lights in winter

Can Solar Lights be Left Outside During Winter

Cold weather is coming fast this year. In fact, there are some areas that have already seen snow in the northern regions of the US.

Maybe it was a fluke and it’s going to melt for now. However, it does bring to mind that it’s time to get our garden and yard ready for the cold weather snooze.

Depending on where you’re located, preparing your yard for winter can be a lot of work. If you get a lot of snow, one of the things that we often get asked here is can solar lights be left out in the winter.

Can Solar Lights be Left Outside During Winter

The answer is semi-easy. If you live in a moderate climate such as found in the west like parts of Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, or in the southern areas of the US, you absolutely can leave your outdoor solar lights in place all winter long.

If your home receives a substantial amount of rain or snow during the winter season, you should consider removing them and storing them for winter, depending on the type of solar light you have. Most people use some sort of in-ground units that could have issues with heavy rain or snow.

The reason we recommend this for areas of the country that get a lot of moisture and wet snow is because many units that are on the market are not actually completely sealed. This means your lights may experience leaking or moisture buildup inside that could cause the unit to stop working.

While the unit we sell is waterproof and is normally placed on a wall or fence of some sort, normal snow or rain fall should not cause an issue. However, you may want to be aware that extended moisture for long periods of time can, in fact, cause some moisture buildup that could reduce the amount of life to your light.

Should you do choose to store your lights, make sure that you turn them off before storing. This will allow you to preserve the battery for when you place them again in the spring.

Also remember when you are placing them again, make sure to turn the batteries back on and to allow several full days in the sunshine for a strong light at night.

Caring for your solar lights is pretty easy. You can protect them and enjoy a nice long life from them with the proper usage. So the answer to can solar lights be left outside during winter is yes – and no.

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