Cool Solar Energy Products for Home Use

Technology changes every day. There are so many new products that come on the market that can help us save energy and for are built for making our lives just a little bit simpler.

Perfect for home use or on the go, here are some of our favorite cool new products that use solar power you need to grab.

Cool Solar Energy Products for Home Use

  • Solar Charging Backpack– Perfect for on the go, these backpacks will carry everything you need for work or play and charge your electronics too. Bluetooth speakers, GPS, cell phones, mini USB devices, and more can be charged on the go.
  • Solar Flashlights -These are a cool item that will allow you to have light whenever you need it. Just make sure that you charge them often so you retain a good charge for long lasting use.
  • Solar Powered Speakers – These speakers perfect for on the go, camping, and many other uses. They also can even charge your cell phone
  • USB Charger – Perfect for things like your goPro, cell phone, GPS trackers, etc., having a solar powered USB charger is perfect for those people that are always on the go or even work on the road. Small design makes it perfect for travel too
  • Solar Powered Generator – Get more efficient with the solar power generators which will allow you to get off the grid and head out for some peace and quiet. With enough power to charge laptops and similar electronics, it’s a great addition
  • Solar Powered Radio – There many choices in solar powered radios, perfect for emergencies. Look for one that offers a handcrank, plus allows you to charge cell phones for maximizing the usage.
  • Compact Solar Light – Perfect for use in the bug out bag or just to place around the home, these compact lights are motion activated and perfect for added security or to even use inside a tent in the evenings.
  • Solar bricks – Illuminate the walkway for a unique look. Blend them with your bricks or line the path. So cool!

What’s your favorite solar powered product to use? These products make it easy to love the sun and use it in our daily lives, for home use or on the go.