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Essential Safety Tips for the Homeowner

There are certain responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. Keeping our home safe encompasses many different areas. From structural damage, fire safety, and water safety, to protecting our visitors and even protecting our kids.

There are so many different things to think about, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we love to use tools, gadgets, and apps that make our life just a little bit easier.

Here are some of the essential safety tips for the homeowner that we find smart and effective. How many do you have in place?

Essential Safety Tips for the Homeowner

Protect Your Visitor

Whether you have a visitor that you are expecting or not expecting on your property, you have to be prepared for proper access. That means sufficient lighting, through solar or electric lights, and easy to use walkways. Highlighting steps and other hazards is smart. Trimming back large bushes or trees and ensuring there are no tripping hazards is important too.

Protect Your Home

There are many different aspects that would fall under protecting our home. Smoke alarms, house alarms, clean and clear landscaping, regular maintenance on appliances and water heaters. Proper maintenance for roof leaks and structural damages. Add additional lighting to deter burglars. Have a vacation plan.

Protect Your Family

Providing for your family will also include proper insurance coverage and protection from vandalism and burglary. Create a routine when locking up and leaving home so all members know it and follow it. Have a fire safety plan as well as other emergency plans set in stone. Practice evacuation techniques. Pack bug out bags you have essentials needed should you need to leave quickly.

These are just a few areas of concern to homeowners. Many of these you can implement immediately. Others you may need to develop.

Look at your home with a critical eye. What needs to be changed? What needs to be updated and fixed? How can you implement a safe home plan with your family and neighbors?

One thing you can do is add plenty of lighting outdoors to protect visitors and to inhibit burglary attempts. It is easy and smart, plus you can do it in a few hours. Check out our motion activated solar light that is perfect for so many areas of your yard and outbuildings.

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