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Fast and Easy Solar Light Decorating Ideas

With the cost of electricity skyrocketing we all can be thankful that the use of solar lights is becoming more the norm for decorating outdoor spaces.

If you are a fan of Pinterest then you’ve probably seen some of the great uses of solar light that can be incorporated into our decor. Just searching through some of the tips and pins has seen cool ideas such as solar light planters, Mason jar lights, and solar light glass blocks.

Here are a few more ideas for fast and easy outdoor decorating the solar lights

Fast and Easy Solar Light Decorating Ideas

  1. Solar party string lights
    Strings of beautiful party lights in all colors of the rainbow can be used for so many decorating ideas. Wrapping trees, stringing throughout the yard, wrapping posts, stringing across overhangs, and many more.
  2.  Festive stake lighting
    Perfect for adding to planters, bedding areas, walkways, even to use for up-cycled projects
  3.  Motion activated solar lights

Perfect for adding into dark corners, trees, gates, or any area that is not utilized often. These lights shine only when activity is noted. They then light the area briefly and shut down to a dim constant light for ambiance.

Using solar lights is smart due to the cost. Once the light is purchased your additional cost is minimal. Perhaps every 3 to 5 years you may need to change batteries. Other than that, there is no other cost of using solar lighting.

Plus, with the advancement of goods and technology today, we are seeing more and more items being produced that we can incorporate into our outdoor decorating decor easily, creating a fun and festive space to relax or enjoy friends and family.

If you think about how to save money in terms of electricity and your outdoor decorating, you’re going to find that using solar lighting is not only fun but it is effective for lighting your space too. Plus, it’s fast and easy to use solar.

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