Green Living Tips for Cozy Winter Comfort

When the wind is icy and the temperatures are freezing the last thing you want to do is head outdoors. People tend to stay inside on cold bitter days and who can blame them?

Except for those of us that have to work, nothing is better than bundling up and staying home in the midst of winter. With Christmas along with more cold weather on the way, now is the perfect time to grab some tips for the cozy winter comfort that we love.

Green Living Tips for Cozy Winter Comfort

  1. Turn down the thermostat and bundle up

Wear a sweatshirt inside or a light sweater which will keep you warm while reducing the amount of energy that you are using.

  1. Add a humidifier or leave a kettle simmering on the stove

Indoor air is extremely dry so adding some more moisture to the air not only helps you breathe but is good for your furniture and skin too.

  1. Add indoor plants that clean the air

There are many plants that can help purify your air inside. Add plants such as spider plant, dracaena, snake plant, bamboo palm, ficus, Boston fern, or peace lily to your home for help with air clenasing.

  1. Use bright lights such as LEDs

Not only do LED lights brighten dark rooms but they help combat your electricity bill by reducing your energy draw. Because of the shorter, dark days lights are on more often and that could increase your bill

  1. Make sure to keep blinds and curtains open to absorb the outdoor sun when it’s available.

Also make sure to head outdoors for a little bit of sun each day to get some critical vitamin D, your feel good energy booster.

  1. Insulate drafty doors and windows where possible especially interior garage doors

Drafty doors and windows not only bring cold air in but heated air can get out too. Use clear plastic, silicone caulking, or draft protectors wherever possible to preserve your heat.

Everyone wants to reduce costs and these green living tips can help keep you cozy and comfortable this winter. What tips do you have that could help reduce our footprint and keep us warm and cozy this winter?

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