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10 Cool Ways to Use Your Compact Solar Light

When it’s time to shop for solar lights you will probably be a bit overwhelmed at the difference in how many different styles and types of lights there on the market. From ambient lighting to floodlights, there is a use for each one of them around your yard, farm or ranch.

One of the most versatile type of lights is the compact solar light. This style has become very popular due to the flexibility in how you can use the light around your home and the amount of LED light this unit puts out.

With a unique design that allows you to adhere the light anywhere, the compact solar light has multiple features that make it an inexpensive yet flexible option for many areas around the home.

Here are some different ways that you can utilize this versatile light.

10 Cool Ways to Use Your Compact Solar Light

  • Attach it to the house to brighten walkways
  • Attach it to the gate
  • Use it on your RV around doors or storage bay doors
  • Hang it up near the garage door to shine light on keypad
  • Attach it to a tree to shine down on yard art
  • Hang several along the fence to illuminate the area and turn on when someone walks by
  • Keep several in emergency bug out bags
  • Add one to a mailbox post
  • Use them along the dock
  • Light up a dark stairway

Our compact solar light is motion activated so it will show dim light all night long unless activity is sensed. Then the light will automatically brighten up. It is extremely easy to use and everyone should keep and use a few around their home.

You’re looking for a great stocking stuffer for handyman, an RV or camper, a prepper, or anyone who is security minded, these lights are a unique and very cool choice for the holiday. Grab a few today.