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Affordable Must-Have Security Items for Your Home

Your home is our sanctuary. Our safe place. We want to always keep it safe and secure. With that said there are ways that we can increase the security around our home with some affordable tools and security items.

No matter if you are a renter or a homeowner, there are items that you can add to secure your property better. Check out these cool items.

Affordable Must-Have Security Items for Your Home

Audible Defense Alarm

Add the sensor to windows and doors to scare off intruders. Emits a loud audible alarm when doors or windows are breached.

Smart Locks

This is a cool item that uses the current deadbolt hole and allows you to open the door using your smart phone. Plus it gives you the ability to open the door no matter where you are letting others and out.

Wireless Video Camera

Allows you to view it’s going on in particular room quickly using Wi-Fi. There are many different types available that stream to your phone or computer.

Solar LED Motion Activated Light

Perfect for placement by doors, gates, or garage doors. Illuminates brightly when motion is detected and shines a low light when the motion sensor is not activated.

Smart Alarms And Home Security Packages

That are compatible with your phones they allow for real-time monitoring monitoring. Also will send alerts via text are emails as needed.

Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

Allows you to see who is at your door or outside of your home. Some come with two way audio and remote monitoring through your phone.

Digital Door Locks

Allows for a keyless entry by entering pin numbers or fingerprints.

Indoor Motion Detectors

There are multiple styles of motion detectors that will alert you to movement when you’re not home.

Door and Window Sensors

Similar to the alarmed sensors above, you can also find ones that will detect glass breakage and when doors and windows opened, alerting you to a break-in.

There are plenty of items on the market today that are geared towards keeping you safe as well as add an additional level of security to your home defense. With many products using Wi-Fi and digital technology, you are able to monitor and know what’s happening in your home no matter where you are.

Make sure to keep your home illuminated well both indoors and out when you are not home which will help deter intruders. Plus using affordable security tools like these listed with help monitor and keep track of your home no matter where you are.

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