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Great Spots to Use a Small Stick On Solar Light

When you think about it, there are many places that you probably wish you could have additional lighting. I know I have thought about it many times as I walked through certain areas outside.

But with the cost of wiring and moving electrical as high as it is, it only makes sense to look for an alternate lighting source. That’s what brought me to offer these cool small stick on solar light alternatives.

Let’s check out some great places that you can use a small stick on solar light around your home or ranch.

Great Spots to Use a Small Stick On Solar Light

Entryways – If the porch light doesn’t cut it or you simply don’t have one, adding a compact solar light that you simply stick on your house is perfect solution. Just stick it and forget it.

Steps – Whether you need light on the back stairwell to and from your house or off the back deck, small lights that you can place anywhere are a great choice as long as they get good sunlight during the day.

RV and Campers – These units barely have enough outdoor lighting and it is obviously not feasible to wire for additional lights. That’s why the SolarBlaze peel and stick small solar light has become the product of choice for many travelers. Place it where you need it and use the on/off switch when you are traveling.

Docks – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bit the dust heading down to the dock. Choosing a compact motion activated solar light is the perfect choice. You can place several on the dock posts and the stairway so you can have light for the early morning and late night fishing trips.

Outbuildings – These units are usually put up as temporary structures, barns, or just to house tools, garden equipment, rancher supplies, etc. Therefore they are usually In dire need of lighting to and from the building as well as the doorway. A perfect place to add a small stick on solar light.

Gates – If you are out emptying the garbage in the late evening, going through those back gates can be kind of creepy. Whether it is in town or out of town, having enough light is easy with these cool lights.

Fence lines – if you enjoy being outside in the evening sometimes having lighting along the fence offers enough ambient light to make your yard cozy and artistic. Use a motion activated compact light to shine a dim light all evening long and a bright light when activity is near.

Our customers understand the need for easy to use solar lights that stay on when attached and work for years to come. These seven spots are some of the most used areas around home and ranch our solar lights dress up and light up. Where would you use your small stick on solar light the most?

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