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Important Winter Safety Tips for Home

If you live in an area where snow is a problem in the winter then you know how important it is to be prepared for winter and the safety needed in and around your home.

Winter can bring an abundance of snow and wet weather so there are some things you should do before the full affect of winter hits this year.

Important Winter Safety Tips for Home

  • Make sure to check your heating system to make sure it is in full working order. Whether that is a furnace or fireplace, wood stove or boiler, they need to be ready for heavy use.
  • Check your water pipes and make sure they are wrapped and insulated where necessary.
  • Clear your gutters so that water can flow properly and not back up, which can cause damage to your roof and gutters.
  • Look for damaged tree limbs and remove them before the heavy ice and snow can cause them to break, damaging homes or cars.
  • Have a plan for snow removal. Whether that is a properly working snowblower or snow shovel. Even if you hire that work out, make sure their schedule works with when you need to leave home.
  • Treat icy patches on driveways and walkways with salt or sand on a regular basis to reduce the chance of slip and falls.
  • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in proper working order.
  • Check fire extinguishers and make sure you have several available in the home.
  • Make sure your roof is intact before the heavy wet weather. If you get heavy snows, plan to remove excessive snow from roof tops as needed.
  • Be prepared for power outages which seem to occur frequently in winter. Stock up on food, water, batteries, and blankets so you are ready for any emergency.
  • Check outdoor lighting for proper placement and usage in the long winter nights. Look for solar lights, such as motion detector lights to help illuminate dark corners, walkways and driveways, gates and outbuildings.

There are many things to think about when it comes to safety at home during all sorts of weather. Reviewing important safety tips like these will help you be ready for any emergency or weather related event.

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