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Outdoor Security Lighting Tips for Home or Office

I don’t think there’s anyone that doesn’t understand the need for good security lighting around their home or office. With the nighttime hours longer during the winter, we need to have reliable lighting whenever and wherever it’s needed.

There are definitely ways that you can improve to get the most out of your outdoor security lighting. Here are some tips that you can use.

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Outdoor Security Lighting Tips for Home or Office

  • Coverage Area – make sure your lighting placement is covering critical areas around your home and office. Look for dark areas and hidden corners that could use additional lighting. It’s not just the front of your home. Also think about back doors, side doors, gates, alleys, walkways, parking lots, outbuildings,
  • Light Placement – verify the height you need to place your light so you get the maximum coverage for your security lighting. Too low and it’s not as effective. Too high and the light maybe too dim. Also think about facial recognition cameras that may need a particular amount of light.
  • Use Solar Lighting Wherever Possible – this will help deter people from tampering with the light or cutting electrical if they need to or choose to. With the choice of many different styles and types of solar lighting, including spotlights, floodlights, ambient lighting, motion detectors, and so many more, you really have a great source of low maintenance, long term use lighting.
  • Use a Mixture of Lighting – if all of your lights are super bright, it could actually help burglars or those wanting to causing harm by lighting the way. By using a mixture of ambient light with LED bright lights or flood lights, you are not casting as many shadows or giving bad guys a lot of light to work with. You want people to see what they’re doing and yet deter activity as well.
  • Don’t Forget About Maintenance – set a schedule to clean off your lamps, solar panels, replace batteries, replace burned-out bulbs, trim bushes, branches,etc. By keeping everything in working order you will avoid issues down the road.
  • By planning your security light placement, the type of lights that you need, and the maintenance of the lighting for your home or office will ensure that you are getting maximum coverage where and when you need it the most.
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