Tips for Storing Solar Lights and Decorative Items in Winter

When the cold weather hits or the rainy season begins, depending on where you live, it’s time to protect your solar lights and other decorative items.

Because of the different types of lighting and accent pieces that we use in our yard, it can be difficult to determine what can stay outside and what needs to be stored for the season.

When it comes to solar lights, most of them can stay outside during the winter weather, unless you live in the frozen north, where you may be smart to pull everything indoors and into storage. This applies to well made solar lights and any type of flood light or spotlight that you have outside.

There are certain items that you do want to store in the cold, wet weather we often get during the winter.

Tips for Storing Solar Lights and Decorative Items in Winter

* Inexpensive decorative lights and accent lights would need to be stored as they are usually light weight and not meant for big swings in temperature or excessive moisture.

* Any solar lights that are placed in the ground would probably be better stored than to risk damage in heavy snow or excessively wet weather. Think about how snowblowers and shovels could damage your lights. Plus, you would also need to ensure that the lights are free snow and fallen leaves so they can continue to charge.

* Decorative items that we love to put outside such as gazing balls, certain birdfeeders, some windchimes, etc., will definitely be better stored than buried in snow. Accent items made of plastic, glass, or other man-made materials are probably going to be damaged in the super cold weather. So bundle them up and store them.

* If you have water features like fountains and pumps that decorate your landscaping and backyard area, definitely take those in and store them. The pumps have wiring that could be damaged in the cold and frozen water could actually damage your fountain.

* You need to ensure that your solar lights are turned off to save the battery until spring. Check out our other articles about getting ready for winter.

* Also motion detector solar lights will continue to work as long as the unit is still receiving sunlight and that unit is well sealed so water or moisture cannot get inside. Lights placed outside, above the snowline, should continue to work all year round.

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