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Top Solar Lighting Tips for Easy Use

We share a lot of information for you regarding solar lighting, tips, facts, how to’s, and more here on our site. With the amount of information we put out, it could be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of installation and use of our solar light.

So we thought we would gather together our top tips to streamline your installation process and use process so that you are using your solar lights in the best manner possible and with great results. Check out these top tips.

Top Solar Lighting Tips for Easy Use

  1. Proper Installation

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for the proper installation of your light. If it is our solar security light, lightly clean the area where the light will be mounted first. Allow it to dry. Then adhere the light to the material, building, etc. You may also use screws to mount it permanently.

  1. Location Placement is Critical

Solar lights obviously need light from the sun so make sure your placement allows the most sunlight possible to reach the solar cell on the light. If your solar light is not in collecting the maximum amount of sunlight each day then your output during the night will be reduced.

  1. Choices of Solar Lights

With the number of different types of solar lighting that are available today, it’s important to do your research as far as what type of lights your project is going to need. Top choices are usually combination security motion lights, walkway lighting, and landscaping lights, but there are others too.

  1. Easy Care for Your Solar Lights

Caring for your lights is quick and easy and simply calls for a wipe down of the sun collection window every once in a while. To maintain top sunlight absorption, make sure to trim back shrubbery or anything that may be blocking sunlight as well.

  1. Other Uses for Solar Lighting

We often think solar lighting is only meant to be used as a light in the ground or stuck to a wall. However, there are plenty of other uses such as for camping or RVing, prepping, security, and more.

These five tips will help you streamline your use of solar lighting and the install. Make sure to grab your compact solar security light for your home, right on the site.